Best Kids' Beds for Rooms With Low Ceilings

Best Kids' Beds for Rooms With Low Ceilings

Does your kiddo’s room have a low ceiling that leaves their space feeling crowded? Maybe kids’ bunk beds are too high for your little one, or a kids’ loft bed might leave them feeling a bit cramped. Don’t worry!

Max & Lily has a whole bunch of awesome kids’ bed options that are perfect for kids’ rooms with low ceilings. Let's explore some of our coolest space-saving bed frames, loft beds, and bunk beds for kids. These beds will have your child sleeping soundly and their room feeling anything but small.


Low Bunk Bed With Stairs: The Perfect Fit for Shared Rooms

Sharing a room with a sibling can be tons of fun, but it can also mean less space for each kid's stuff. That's where our Max & Lily low bunk bed with stairs comes in.

Standing at only 50 inches tall, this twin over twin bunk bed for kids is a lifesaver for rooms with low ceilings. This low bunk bed for kids offers plenty of headroom on both the top and bottom bunks, so no more bumped heads.


low bunk bed with steps


But the space-saving features don't stop there. The stairs on this Max & Lily bunk bed aren't just for easy climbing – they also feature three built-in storage cubbies. These are perfect for tucking away toys, books, or anything else that might be cluttering up the room. Extra storage equals a more spacious feeling room, and that's a win-win for everyone.


twin low bunk bed with staircase


Low Loft Bed With Curtain: Big on Fun, Small on Height

Maybe you only have one little one who needs a bed, but you still want to maximize the floor space in their room. If that sounds like you, then our low loft bed with curtain is the perfect solution. This low twin loft bed for kids stands at just 50 inches tall. It leaves a generous 31 inches of space underneath for space-saving storage, fun, and more.


low loft bed with curtain


What can your child do with all that underbed space? The possibilities are endless. They can use it as a cozy reading nook, a creative art studio, or even a secret hideaway fort.

To add a touch of personality, we offer the fun loft bed curtain in a variety of colors for boys’ and girls’ rooms alike. This not only personalizes their space with their favorite color but also helps hide any extra toys or clutter that might be stashed underneath.


low loft bed with curtain


Modern Farmhouse Play & Store Low Loft Bed: The All-in-One Dream Zone

Looking for a bed that does it all? This low loft bed with storage is your answer. This versatile kids’ bed with storage combines sleep, play, and storage into one compact package. Standing at just 41.5 inches tall, it leaves plenty of headroom for your child to dream the night away.


low loft bed with storage and play area


But the magic happens underneath! This Max & Lily loft bed features a built-in drawer and bookcase, offering tons of storage for clothes, toys, and books.

And the best part? It includes a fun fort where your child can unleash their imagination and play all day long. Plus, this also keeps them from making a mess of the main area of their room


Twin Bed with Trundle: The Sleepover Solution

Maybe bunk beds aren't the right fit for your kids’ room, but you still need a way to sleep two kiddos in one room. No problem! Our twin bed with trundle is the perfect space-saving solution.

This low-to-the-ground kids’ twin bed frame features a hidden trundle bed underneath. The pullout bed slides out when you need it and tucks away under the main bed frame when you don't.


solid wood bed frame with trundle


Sleepovers? Easy! Just pull out the twin trundle and your child's BFF has a comfy spot to spend the night. And when the sleepover is over, the Max & Lily trundle bed slides right back under the bed, keeping the room neat and tidy.

We also offer a full bed with trundle, perfect for older kiddos who need a little more wiggle room.


modern farmhouse full size trundle bed


Twin House Bed: Big Fun for Little Ones

Does your child love to play pretend? Our kids’ house bed is the ideal choice for them.

This Montessori bed adds a touch of whimsy to your child's room, while still being practical for rooms with low ceilings. The cleverly designed Montessori floor bed creates a fun and imaginative space for your child to play make-believe in their own little playhouse. It also keeps the sleep surface low to the ground for the perfect mix of independence and safety for your kiddo.


twin floor bed for kids


Here's another bonus: this bed is 71.25 inches tall and draws the eye upward, making the room appear taller. However, the sleep surface itself remains low to the ground so your child can sleep safe and sound every night. So not only will your child love their new twin floor bed, but it will also help make their room feel more spacious.


kids house bed


With one of these five beds, or any of our other low loft beds, low bunk beds, or bed frames, your kids’ room will quickly feel much more spacious, leaving lots of room for storage and playtime fun.



What is the minimum ceiling height for bunk beds?

There is no true minimum ceiling height for bunk beds. The minimum height depends on the height of the bunk bed itself. Allow at least 33 to 36 inches of space between the top of your mattress and the ceiling to leave plenty of room for your child to sit up in bed.


Can you have a loft bed with low ceilings?

Though many may assume that loft beds only work in rooms with tall ceilings, that is not the case. Low loft beds are the perfect loft bed option for rooms with lower ceilings, and they leave plenty of room underneath for play, storage, and more.


How much space do you need between top bunk and ceiling?

Measuring from the top of your mattress, you should leave at least 33 to 36 inches of space between the top bunk and the ceiling. This allows your child enough space to comfortably sit up in bed without feeling cramped or worrying about bumping their head.


Whether your child’s room has low ceilings or you're simply looking to optimize space with smart, stylish solutions, Max & Lily has you covered. From our space-saving low-profile bunk beds and loft beds to the fun and functional house beds, there’s an option for every child’s room.

Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to rooms that feel spacious, organized, and ready for fun. With Max & Lily beds, kids can enjoy comfort, fun, and storage without ever feeling boxed in. Let their dreams soar, even in rooms where the ceiling is just a bit closer. With Max & Lily, you can transform their bedroom into a dreamy space that they'll love growing up in.


Create a space that both you and your child will love today with our range of kids’ bed frames, bunk beds, and loft beds for rooms of all shapes and sizes.