Assembly Instructions

Your favorite furniture has arrived! Now what?

With our simple-to-follow instructions, assembling your new Max & Lily beds and accessories is fast and easy. Check out our quick tips video below to see how you can set up your new furniture in no time.



More Tips!

  1. Solid New Zealand pine wood makes our furniture beautiful, but also makes each box large and heavy. Because of this, we recommend having two adults move the boxes into your space.

  2. We love the classics, but a power drill makes the assembly process even faster. Have yours charged and ready for a quick setup.

  3. Having a clean room is awesome, and even more so when you’re assembling your favorite furniture. Clear out your space to have plenty of room to build and move your bed or accessories.

  4. Getting new furniture is exciting! Look over your assembly instructions (with super helpful pictures) to get an idea of the design of your bed or accessory before building.

  5. From beds and nightstands to trundles and desks, assembly time can vary. Set aside 2-3 hours to give yourself ample time for setting up your new furniture.


Follow the links below (we promise they’re super helpful) to find the assembly instructions or videos for your new bunk, loft, single bed or other furniture. All pdf instructions are available to download and print for easy access. Need a little extra assistance? Our Expert Team is a chat, email, or phone call away.