Fit & Measurement Guide

Length, width, height, volume, circumference. It’s a lot. Finding the perfect bunk, loft, and regular beds for your space can be a challenge. And choosing between the right stairs, slides and curtains can be tough. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers to all your burning questions about fit and measurement. Well, except for circumference, our rectangular beds don’t really have that. Check out the fit guide below to see how a Max & Lily bed can be the perfect addition to any kids’ room.

How much bed space does my kiddo need?

Not sure how much bed space your child needs? Twin size beds are the perfect option for single sleepers and little ones.

Our twin beds fit standard size twin mattresses, which measure 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. They are great options for transitioning out of the crib, or for smaller spaces.

The recommended minimum room size for a twin bed is 7 feet by 9 feet.

Full size beds are great for older children who want extra sleep space.

Also called double beds, our full beds fit standard full mattresses, which measure 53 inches wide by 75 inches long. They are great options for tweens and teens who want more room to spread out.

The recommended minimum room size for a full bed is 10 feet by 11 feet.

Queen size beds provide space to sprawl out, and even make a great guest bed option.

Our queen beds fit standard size queen mattresses, which measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. They make a great bed for guest bedrooms, or for teens who hang out in their room and want a comfortable lounge space.

The recommended minimum room size for a queen bed is 10 feet by 12 feet.


What bed height is right for my kid?

Picking out the perfect bed height? For younger children, our low loft or low bunk bed styles create the fun space your kid will love while giving you peace of mind.

These styles are closer to the floor, so though your child will love sleeping up high, you will feel secure knowing they're less than three feet off the ground.

Both our low loft and low bunk beds have angled ladders with three comfortable steps. You can also get these beds with staircases for even easier climbing!

Extra bonus: the bottom bunk in our low bunk bed sits on the floor, making it the perfect bed style for little ones.


For children age 6 or older, our classic bunk beds and high lofts provide lots of space for your kids to grow into.

Our classic bunk bed and high loft bed styles have lots of head room and storage spaces, making them the perfect beds for older kids, tweens and teens. We recommend kids be at least 6 years old to sleep in lofts and top bunks.

With our classic height bunk beds, you have 31 inches of headroom when using a 5 inch mattress. That's enough headroom for you and your child, making it a perfect space for story time, or even just a comfortable space for making the bed.

With our high lofts, you have 51.5 inches of headroom. Use the space to create a lounge with pillows, or add a desk to make the perfect study area. Our high lofts are 68.5 inches tall, so we recommend a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet.


For children of any age, our single beds are the perfect option.

Our twin, full and queen single beds are a versatile style that would work for any age.


What mattresses work best with Max & Lily beds?

Searching for the best mattress for your new Max & Lily® bed? All of our beds fit standard size mattresses, but we recommend low profile mattresses for the best fit.

For the best fit and safety, we recommend low profile mattresses measuring 5 inches thick for all of our beds. We do not recommend exceeding a mattress thickness of 8 inches.




Our twin trundle bed also fits standard twin size mattresses. We recommend a maximum mattress thickness of 6 inches for our trundle bed for the best fit underneath your main bed. 



How much floor space will my bed need?

Planning out your room? Max & Lily® beds are designed to work with small spaces, giving you lots of floor room.

Our twin size low bunk bed measures 42.5 inches wide and 81.5 inches long on it's own.
  • The included angled ladder adds 11.75 inches to the low bunk bed width, making it a total of 54.25 inches wide.
  • The slide adds 42 inches the the low bunk bed width, making it a total of 84.5 inches wide.
  • Swapping the angled ladder for a staircase entrance adds 18 inches to the low bunk bed length, making it a total of 99.5 inches long.


What style bed should I choose?

Looking for the perfect bed features? Our staircase is the perfect entry option for little ones, plus it makes it super easy to make the bed.

Choose our staircase entry option for a low bunk bed, low loft bed, twin bunk bed or twin over full bunk bed and make getting into bed a breeze.

Our staircases feature non-slip grooves for easy climbing. It also has small storage shelves that make a perfect book nook or toy display.

Slides and bed curtains turn your bed into an indoor playground.

Our low bunk beds with slides and low loft beds with slides are some of our most popular bed styles for a reason. Our slide turns your kids bed into their own playground. 

Attach one of our cotton play curtains to your low bunk bed, low loft bed, low bunk bed with slide or low loft bed with slide for the ultimate play fort. Our under bed play curtains have windows to peek out and an easy tie up door. They attach to the bed with hook and loop closure and can easily be taken down.

Under bed solutions give you extra storage or sleeping spots without taking away floor space.

Add storage drawers to your twin bed, full bed, twin bunk bed, or twin over full bunk bed. These extra room under bed drawers are perfect for storing away toys, books or clothes. The storage drawers come in a set of two and easily roll under your bed on casters.

Pair a twin trundle bed with your kids twin bed, full bed, house bed, bunk bed or staircase bunk bed. The trundle provides another sleeping surface for family and friends. It stores easily under your bed, rolling on casters. The twin trundle bed fits a standard size twin mattress that is 5 inches thick.


Still curious? Our design team is standing by to assist you with picking out the ideal bed for your space. Chat us by clicking the help button at the bottom right of the page.