low bunk beds everything you need to know

Low Bunk Beds: Everything You Need to Know

Are your little ones ready to bunk up? Bunk beds are a fun and space-saving option for siblings or kiddos who love sleepovers. But not all bunk beds are created equal, as every kid has different needs that factor into what bunk bed is best for them. Enter the low bunk bed: the best bunk bed for low ceilings and younger kids.

As the kids’ bunk bed experts, we’re here to teach you everything you should know before deciding on a bunk bed, whether it’s a high or low bunk bed for kids. We’ll answer all your most important questions, including:

1. What is a low bunk bed?

2. Is a high or low bunk bed better for your child?

3. How can you maximize space in kids' rooms with low ceilings?

4. What bunk beds are best for younger kids?

5. What bunk beds are most fun for kids?

Let’s learn more about what makes low bunks a great choice for so many families.


What is a low bunk bed?

So, what exactly is a low bunk bed? It’s just what it sounds like: a small bunk bed that’s just a tad closer to the ground. Low profile bunk beds offer all the awesome perks of a regular bunk bed but at a lower height.

Standing at just over four feet tall, children’s low bunk beds are the perfect introduction to the world of bunk beds for your little ones. Plus, they’re a lifesaver for rooms with ceilings that are a bit on the shorter side.

The bottom bunk sits just two inches from the ground, so climbing in and out is a breeze for even the shortest legs (and you won’t have to worry about nighttime tumbles!).


low twin bunk bed with staircase


Is a high or low bunk bed better for your child?

So, how do you know if a high or low bunk bed is the right choice for your child? Here's a quick breakdown to help you decide:

Go low if:

  • - Your child is on the younger side and isn't quite ready for the height of a traditional bunk bed.
  • - You want some extra fun features like slides and curtains (more on those later!).
  • - Your room has a low ceiling, and a high bunk bed just won't fit.


twin size low bunk bed with slide


Keep it high if:

  • - You need a bunk bed with storage. High bunk beds often leave room underneath for drawers or a trundle bed.
  • - Your child is older or taller and needs more space to sit up comfortably on the bottom bunk.


twin over queen l shaped bunk bed


Here's the important thing to remember: there's no such thing as a "better" bunk bed. It all depends on your child's age, your room's layout, and what features are most important to you.


How can you maximize space in a kids' room with low ceilings?

Living in a cozy space with low ceilings? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to maximize your child’s bedroom and make the most of their sleep space! Here are some of our favorite kids’ beds for low ceilings:

  • - Low Bunk Beds: As we’ve already mentioned, low bunks are a lifesaver for rooms with low ceilings. They allow you to create double the sleeping space without sacrificing safety or headroom.


wooden low bunk bed for kids


  • - Low Loft Beds: If your child is a solo sleeper, a low loft bed for kids is a fantastic option. These kids’ loft beds elevate the bed frame, creating space underneath for a play area, study zone, or extra storage, all while keeping the sleep surface a safe distance from the ceiling.


twin low loft bed with curtain


  • - Trundle Beds: Trundle beds are another great space-saving option. They function as a regular kids’ bed frame, but with a pullout bed right underneath the main bed frame! These handy beds are perfect for sleepovers or siblings sharing a room.


twin size low bunk bed with curtain


  • - House Beds: These adorable on-the-ground twin bed frames are perfect for little ones. While they don’t offer any bunk-style sleeping space, they do create a fun and imaginative play space for your child. Plus, they draw the eye upward and make your ceilings appear taller.


twin size house bed with rails


What bunk beds are best for younger kids?

If your younger child has been begging for a bunk bed but you’ve been struggling to find one that’s age appropriate, low is the way to go. Low bunk beds make bedtime a blast while keeping sleep surfaces low to the ground for extra safety. If your kiddo is still mastering the art of climbing, you can opt for a low bunk bed with stairs or guardrails for added peace of mind.

Max & Lily low bunk beds come with all the bells and whistles your kiddo could ever dream of – slides, stairs, curtains – you name it! These features are the perfect way to swap out boring bedtime routines for endless fun all day long.


mcm bunk bed for kids


What bunk beds are most fun for kids?

Fun is the name of the game for kids, and low bunk beds certainly don’t disappoint. From bunk beds with slides to curtains and everything in between, these beds are designed to fuel imagination and offer a safe, comforting spot for relaxing nights of sleep.


low bunk bed with slide


For the coolest bunk beds that will be the envy of all their friends, don't miss the latest in bunk bed design. Max & Lily bunk beds have all the latest styles that are sure to wow. Whether it's the sleek lines of Scandinavian bunk beds or the retro appeal of mid-century modern bunk beds, there's something out there that will not only make bedtime fun but stylish, too.


scandinavian low bunk bed


Now you've learned all about low bunk beds: what they are, who they’re best for, and how they can transform your child's bedroom into a fun and functional sleep zone. Bunk beds come in all shapes and sizes, but low bunks are a fantastic option for many families.

Whether you’re looking for a high or low bunk bed, Max & Lily has you covered. From low twin bunk beds to high twin over full bunk beds, we have a bunk for you, no matter what your child or your space may need.


With solid wood construction for extra durability and fun features for playtime, these are beds both kids and parents will love. So what are you waiting for? Shop Max & Lily low bunk beds (or high bunk beds) today!