Low Loft Bed for Kids

Top 10 Most Giftable Beds for the 2023 Holiday Season

This year, immerse your little ones in the enchantment of the holidays with the perfect gift—the bed of their dreams. By giving the gift of a loft bed or bunk bed for kids, you can not only give your kiddos a comfy and cozy spot to sleep but a place to create cherished memories and endless joy. Plus, a bed is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Whether your kiddo is an aspiring artist or a sleepover enthusiast, this holiday gift guide has a bed that they will be ecstatic to see under the tree (or set up in their room). Let’s dive into some of the most giftable kids’ beds of the 2023 holiday season.


For Artsy Collectors

Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves

For creative geniuses who dream of becoming an artist when they grow up, this loft bed with desk and shelves is a match made in artistic heaven. Its wraparound desk provides ample space for your young artist to spread out and let their creativity flow. Stock this desk’s spacious shelves with your kiddo’s favorite art supplies, from paper to canvases to crayons to paintbrushes, for the ultimate holiday gift for the budding Picasso in your family. This loft bed with desk is crafted from sturdy wood, so you can rest assured that this is a gift that will last them through years of creating.

Solid Wood Loft Bed with Desk and Bookcase

Loft Bed with Desk and Bookcase

For little bookworms or kids who love to collect and showcase their treasures, this loft bed with desk and bookcase is the ultimate gift. Imagine your little one's delight as they organize and display all their favorite things on the three spacious shelves. From beloved books to cherished collectibles like baseball cards and Barbie dolls, everything will have its special place. And when it's time to unwind, the built-in desk provides the perfect spot for a cozy reading session before bedtime, completing homework assignments, or even a last-minute study session before a major test. This versatile and functional loft bed is not just a piece of furniture, but a world of imagination and organization for your little one.


For Playful Adventurers

Low Bunk Bed with Easy Slide

Adventure-loving kids deserve a bed that matches their spirit. This low bunk bed with Easy Slide offers an exciting twist to both bedtime and playtime. Its built-in slide turns bedtime into a thrilling adventure without compromising on safety. With hand hole cut-outs for extra safe sliding and a gentle curve for a softer landing, its slide ensures your kiddo can play safe every day and have tons of fun doing it. Plus, its low-profile bunk bed design makes for a secure sleep every night for younger kids. The perfect blend of safety and excitement, this bed will make their holiday wishes come true.

Modern Farmhouse Low Loft Bed With Two Bookcases

For kids that love to play in their own personal forts, this stylish modern farmhouse bed is the perfect spot for them to hang with friends. The cozy nook underneath its elevated bed frame serves as a roomy fort, built to create playtime memories that will last a lifetime. Whether they're embarking on epic adventures or crafting tales of fantasy, this space is whatever they want to make of it. Additionally, parents will love the two spacious wooden bookshelves that make this bed not only fun but functional. This design’s multifunctionality makes it a bed both kids and parents will love.


For Social Butterflies

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle in Walnut

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

Sleepovers are a cherished part of childhood, and this twin over full bunk bed with trundle is your kid’s passport to hosting unforgettable slumber parties. With a twin bed on top, a full bed on bottom, and a twin trundle bed to tie it all together, this bed comfortably and safely accommodates up to four kids. Built with strong solid wood, each sleep surface on this wooden bunk bed can support up to 400 pounds, plenty enough to support kids and their friends. Plus, its durability ensures it is long-lasting. Perfect for sleepovers and spontaneous hangouts, this bunk bed is sure to bring kids together with pillow fights, truth or dare, and late-night giggles for years to come.

Scandinavian Twin Over Full Bunk Bed for Kids

Scandinavian Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

To maximize sleep space for your kid’s BFFs to sleep over without sacrificing style, check out this brand new Scandinavian twin over full bunk bed. Not only does this bed add extra space for sleepovers with siblings, cousins, or friends, its modern design takes style to the next level in any kid’s room. With two tone and solid options, this Scandinavian bed has a style that will match any kid’s personality. A perfect blend of coziness, companionship, and chicness, giving the gift of this stylish twin over full bunk bed is giving the gift of endless stories, shared secrets, and heartwarming moments.


For Little Daydreamers

Solid Wood House Bed for Kids

House Bed With Guardrails

For kids who spend their days lost in imagination, this house bed with guardrails is a dream come true. If your kiddo loves to play house, this house-shaped wooden bed frame adds a playful touch of reality to their daydreams. Its built-in guardrails are a feature that parents will love, keeping little ones safe and sound throughout the night. With removable legs, this kids’ bed can transform into a floor twin bed, making it a perfect option for a first big kid bed. Your kid will be thrilled to spend hours playing pretend in this unique and magical house bed.

Low Loft Bed with Curtain

Loft Bed with Curtain

This loft bed with curtain is another enchanting option for little daydreamers. This bed allows kids to express their personalities through fun decorative curtains that make a fort underneath the bed, whether they love pink or prefer blue. Its curtain’s cute house design is perfect for little ones who like to play house, complete with windows for them to peek out and wave to Mom and Dad. For extra personalization, try switching out the curtain with add-on curtains that can transform their underbed space into anything they want, whether it's a farmhouse, a firetruck, a princess castle, or even a camper van.


For Kids Who Want the Next Big Thing

Scandinavian Solid Wood Bunk Bed with Trundle

Scandinavian Beds

This collection of stylish, minimalist beds is sure to have the perfect fit for any little trendsetter. These Scandinavian beds boast a trendy and chic vibe while maintaining a modern and minimalist look that will never go out of style. Choose from a unique two-tone look or a clean solid finish to complement the rest of your kid’s décor and let their personality shine through. Available in a variety of sizes with add-on options like trundles, there is a perfect Scandinavian bed for every kid’s room.

Mid-Century Modern Low Bunk Bed for Kids

Mid-Century Modern Beds

To add a fun blast from the past, consider a retro-chic mid-century modern bed for your kid’s room. With a unique two-tone finish in pecan and white, beds from this collection are sure to be a standout piece in any space. Its solid white guardrails not only make these beds extra safe for little ones but make them a perfect hiding spot during a game of hide and seek. Whether you’re looking for an L-shaped bed, a loft bed, or a low bunk bed, this retro option is the perfect option for your trendy kid.


Last but not least, if you’re still unsure what bed your kid would love to play and host sleepovers in, a Max & Lily gift card is the gift that always fits. Your kiddo will love to spend time picking out their dream bed from our wide range of options and will be thrilled with the results.


This holiday season, give the gift of magic and comfort with our collection of cool bunk beds and loft beds. At Max & Lily, we believe in turning dreams into reality, and our enchanting beds are just the beginning. Discover the joy of our entire range of kids’ furniture, where every bed is crafted with love and care to make this holiday season truly extraordinary. Give the gift of wonder, comfort, and endless joy to your kids this year. Shop Max & Lily today and make your kids’ dreams come true for the holidays.


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