Solid Wood Bunk Bed for Kids

High vs. Low Bunk Beds: Which Bed is Best for Kids?

Welcome to the ultimate guide to bunk beds for kids! If you’re looking for a bed that combines safety, practicality and lots of fun, you’ve come to the right place. Bunk beds are a fun, space-saving option for kids, and here, we’ll explore the differences between high and low bunk beds so you can confidently decide which bed is best for your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for underbed storage, extra headroom, bunk beds with slides or bunk beds with stairs, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and discover which bed is best for your kiddos!


Benefits of High Bunk Beds

Potential for Underbed Storage

Whether it be toys, books or clothes, there are lots of opportunities for clutter in kids’ rooms. With a high bunk bed, however, you can maximize your space and minimize your mess by using the built-in underbed storage. There is also a wide range of bunk beds for kids that offer fun and creative storage solutions, such as bunk beds with stairs, that can give you even more space for your kid’s favorite toys.


Twin over full bunk bed with stairs and underbed storage drawers


Extra Headroom 

As your little ones grow bigger, it’s important that their bed grows with them. For a growing kid, a high bunk bed gives lots of extra space to sit up without fear of hitting their head. With all the extra room to sit up, your kid can easily sit up to read a book, listen to Mom or Dad’s bedtime stories or simply relax.


Twin over twin bunk bed for kids


Things to Consider with High Bunk Beds

Age Recommendations

High bunk beds are a great option for older kids and teenagers, but it is important to note that high bunk beds are not recommended for kids under the age of six. Safety should always be a priority for your kids, so even if your kids are old enough to use a high bunk bed, make sure the bed you choose is equipped with guardrails for extra safety. Additionally, make sure to keep your kids’ personal needs in mind before upgrading them to a high bunk bed, even if they are above the recommended minimum age of six.

Ceiling Height 

To prevent any injuries, a general rule of thumb is that top bunks should be at least 33 to 36 inches away from the ceiling. Bunk bed heights can vary, but an average bunk bed is between 5 ½ and 6 feet tall. Before deciding on a high bunk bed, keep your ceiling height in mind and check the specific bunk bed’s dimensions to ensure a night of safe sleep for your kid and prevent bumped heads. 


Benefits of Low Bunk Beds

Safe for Younger Kids

Low bunk beds are a fantastic option for younger kids who want a big kid bed but aren’t quite ready to graduate to a high bunk bed. Since they are so low to the ground, they minimize the risk of injury if your kid falls out of bed in the middle of the night. Some low bunk beds are as low as two inches from the ground, ensuring maximum safety. As always, however, make sure the low-profile bunk bed you choose is equipped with guardrails on the top bunk to make it the safest it can be.


Twin over twin-size low bunk bed for kids


Features Younger Kids Love 

Who says bunk beds for kids can’t be safe AND fun? Low bunk beds offer a variety of add-on features that can make bedtime an exciting adventure for your younger kiddos. Whether you choose a low bunk bed with slide or a bunk bed with slide and stairs, your kids will thank you for getting them a low bunk bed with fun add-on features! 


Low bunk bed with slide


Things to Consider with Low Bunk Beds

Underbed Storage 

While low bunk beds are an ideal option for younger kids, they do not offer as much underbed storage as a high bunk bed. However, if you are considering a low bunk bed for your younger kid and need a solution to the lack of underbed storage, check out low bunk beds with stairs. Not only do bunk beds with stairs add a little extra space for your little ones’ favorite things, but stairs double as an added safety feature for kids who want to step up to their bed more easily. 


Space Between Top and Bottom Bunk 

In order to maintain safety for younger kids in the top bunk of a lower bunk bed, low bunk beds typically have less space between the bottom and top bunks. Because of this, lower bunk beds might not be the right fit for taller kids, older kids, or teenagers. However, you can rest assured knowing your younger kids will have plenty of space to sit up in their low bunk bed for story time before bed.


In short, neither a high nor low-profile bunk bed is “better” for kids. The answer to that question depends on your kids’ ages, your storage needs, and your personal preference.

At Max & Lily, our high bunk beds and low bunk beds alike are carefully crafted with safety in mind, utilizing 14-inch guardrails and durable solid wood to give your kids the safest possible sleep experience. We also prioritize fun, offering bunk beds with slides and bunk beds with stairs to give your kids their dream room.

Explore our wide range of bunk beds for kids, including twin bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds, full over full bunk beds, and more, and you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your family. Whichever type of bunk bed you choose, you can count on us to prioritize safety, practicality and creativity, creating a dreamy and comfortable sleep space for your kids. Let’s make bedtime a delightful adventure for your little ones!


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