why loft beds with desks are the best back to school beds

Why Loft Beds With Desks Are the Best Back to School Beds

School will be back in session before you know it, so it’s prime time to deck out your kid’s room for ultimate study success. This year, why not ditch the ordinary bed and upgrade to a super cool loft bed with desk?

Trust us, these elevated beds with desks underneath are lifesavers (or should we say, grade savers?), especially during back-to-school season. Let’s get into why these study loft beds for kids are so amazing from elementary school to high school.


Space-Saving Superstars: Loft Beds With Desks Maximize Space

Many kids’ rooms tend to be on the smaller side. Fitting all the furniture you need can be a challenge, especially when you factor in all the awesome stuff kids need. From a comfy bed to video game consoles (because let's be real, homework breaks are essential!) to a beanbag chair for lounging, kids’ rooms often need to fit even more stuff than their parents’ room.

Luckily, kids’ loft beds with desks save the day. They take advantage of that unused vertical space by putting the kids’ bed up high. This frees up tons of floor space down below for your kids’ desk and other important furniture. This means more room to spread out with art supplies, build the coolest LEGO creations, and more.

Plus, many youth loft beds with desks come with built-in shelves or bookcases to make even more use of the space. These shelves can keep textbooks, notebooks, and folders organized, so you don’t have to worry about lost pencils or crumpled permission slips.


high loft bed with desk and bookcase


Homework Heroes: Loft Beds With Desks Encourage Productivity

Ever tried to do homework on your bed and somehow end up napping instead? Yeah, same here. Regular kids’ beds are great for cozy snoozing, but not so much for staying focused.

Children’s loft beds with desks fuel kids for academic achievement. They create a separate zone in kids’ bedrooms just for schoolwork. No more distractions from the TV downstairs or siblings being loud in the next room.

The desk underneath bed becomes your kiddo’s own special study nook. Their desk is a place where they go to conquer challenges, master new concepts, and ace those pop quizzes. It's like flipping a switch and turning on focus mode.


kids loft bed with desk


Independence Champions: Loft Beds With Desks Promote Independence

We all know the feeling of wanting our own space to do our own thing. Loft beds with desks give you exactly that. Your little one can personalize their children’s desk area with cool posters, funky pencil holders, or whatever makes them feel inspired. This turns study into an activity they can look forward to, since it’s in a place they love.

Having their own little study nook also helps them take charge of their own school routine. They can set their own schedule, decide when to tackle those math problems, and maybe even reward themselves with a quick game break when they finish a big assignment. This is a great chance for kids to learn how to manage their time by separating school, play, and bedtime.


childrens loft bed with desk and shelves


Cash Savers: Loft Beds With Desks Are Cost-Effective

Budget-conscious parents, this one’s for you. These children’s beds with desks save a lot of money when furnishing a kid’s room. They combine three pieces of furniture into one super functional unit.

That means no more needing to buy a separate loft bed and desk or even storage shelves. Yes, you’re hearing us right – that’s three things for the price of one. Score!


wooden loft bed with desk and storage


Long-Lasting Legends: Loft Beds With Desks Are Perfect for All Ages

The best things in life last a long time, and these beds are no exception. We build our solid wood loft beds with super strong materials, like sturdy, knot-free pine wood. This means they can handle years of late-night study sessions and epic science fair projects.

Whether you’re looking for a twin loft bed with desk or a full-size loft bed with desk, these beds grow with your child as they move from elementary school to high school. Plus, there's enough space underneath the loft bed for them to stretch out their legs, even as they get taller. This makes them the best loft beds for teens and kids alike!


desk underneath loft bed and storage shelves


Ready to level up your kiddo’s room and their school year? Then a loft bed with desk is the perfect choice for you! With all the space-saving, organization-boosting, and homework-crushing benefits, you'll be thanking your lucky stars for this awesome furniture choice.



Are loft beds a good idea for kids?

Loft beds are a great idea for kids. They make use of unused vertical space in kids’ rooms, leaving room for play, study, and more. Just make sure your child is old enough to sleep up high and that your ceilings are high enough. We recommend loft beds for ceilings that are 8 feet or taller. Then, you’re all set to add one of these amazing beds to your kid’s room.


What age is safe for a loft bed?

Loft beds are safe for children aged 6 and older. Before deciding on a loft bed for your kiddo, evaluate their maturity and motor skills. This ensures they are ready for this change, regardless of their age.


Is it worth getting a loft bed?

In short, yes! Loft beds are great investments that save space in any room. Plus, they often come with cool features like desks, bookcases, slides, and more that give you multiple pieces of furniture in one neat package. Loft beds are worth considering for all ages, from kids to teens and even adults.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about why loft beds with desks are the perfect back-to-school solution. With all this extra space, organization, and built-in cool factor, your child will be more than ready to take on the new school year and become the ultimate A+ student.

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