Emerson & Charlie's New Room

Room Reveal! Emerson & Charlie's Fabulously Floral Kid's Bedroom

Fun, functional, and floral? This fabulous new kid’s bedroom from Carissa Nunez (@carissa_nunez) has it all. For her daughters, Emerson and Charlie, their new Low Bunk Bed with Staircase and Slide is the perfect addition to their shared space.


Bunk Beds for Best Buds

When you’re sharing a room with your best friend, you want a bunk bed that is both super fun and space saving. So, when Emerson and Charlie (and mom) were looking for a new bunk bed, they were sold on the Low Bunk Bed with Staircase and Slide from Max & Lily!



Adding to their new and improved girls’ room, this bunk bed’s slide has made getting out of bed easy and fun. And when it’s not bedtime, the slide becomes their favorite feature for playtime.



Climbing up is made just as easy with a comfortable, anti-slip staircase that provides easy access to the top bunk. And with room for storage on the staircase side, their bunk bed gives them space to organize their toys, books, and shoes – perfect for keeping their bedroom nice and tidy all year long.



Space to Play All Day 

In addition to being their favorite fun bunk bed, the Low Bunk Bed with Staircase and Slide has made it easy for Emerson and Charlie to make their beds by themselves. They also love how the space-saving stacked design of their bunk bed opens up more room for more play.


Sturdy & Safe for the Win

Mom’s favorite part? The solid New Zealand pine wood frame makes the Low Bunk Bed with Staircase and Slide sturdy and safe for her little ones. And with a bottom bed that rests just two inches off the floor, this low-profile bunk stays close to the ground for endless fun.



The Low Bunk Bed with Staircase and Slide was a fun holiday surprise that will give Emerson and Charlie many magical family memories for years to come. Want to give your kid’s bedroom the perfect room makeover? Shop our Low Bunk Bed with Staircase and Slide as a part of our Fun Bunk Beds Collection and create your favorite new space!


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