6 Things to Look For in a Mattress for Kids

6 Things to Look For in a Mattress for Kids

A mattress plays a crucial role in giving your kid the coziest sleep space possible. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for little ones’ growth, development, and well-being. Sleep can also affect kids’ moods and performance in school.

Because of this, finding a mattress with the right fit for your kid is key to promoting their health, safety, and quality of life. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to consider when finding the best mattress for your kiddo, from comfort to safety to material.



If you want to get your child excited about sleeping in their own bed instead of begging to crawl into bed with Mom and Dad, finding a soft and comfortable mattress is a fundamental factor.

To give your child the coziest sleep space possible without sacrificing support, consider mattresses with a soft, plush cover that can add an extra layer of comfort to even the firmest mattress.


twin size bed with trundle bed frame and twin size low bunk bed for kids



Support is key when deciding on a mattress for your kid’s bed. The best mattresses strike a perfect balance between firmness and comfort.

Ideally, a mattress should be firm enough to support your kid’s neck and spine, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready for the exciting day ahead. However, it should also be soft and comfortable enough to ensure a cozy and relaxing night’s sleep.

A medium-firm mattress blends the best of comfort and support to give kids the sleep they need for a full day of adventure.


twin memory foam mattress for kids



Before picking a mattress, it’s important to determine what mattress size best suits your kid’s needs.

If you already have a bed frame for your kid, you can easily decide on the corresponding mattress size. However, if you are shopping for both a mattress and a bed frame, consider your kid’s age and unique needs.

A twin mattress is perfect for a first “big kid bed” for toddlers and younger kids. As your kid gets older, however, they may want more space to themselves. For older kids, a full-size mattress is a great fit for their evolving needs.


full size bed with pullout bed and memory foam mattress



Safety should always be your top priority when making decisions for your kids, and choosing a mattress is no exception. Especially if they are sleeping in a loft bed or bunk bed, consider the distance between your kid’s bed and the ceiling or the top bunk before deciding on a mattress.

Choosing a thinner mattress can maximize your kid’s headroom and prevent bumped heads. With a more compact mattress, you can also maximize guardrail heights, ensuring the safest possible sleep experience for your kid.

A 5- or 8-inch memory foam mattress is the perfect solution to giving your kiddo a safe sleep without sacrificing the comfort and support of a thicker mattress.


twin size house bed with kids mattress



Creating a healthy sleep space for your child starts with choosing safe materials for their mattress. When choosing a mattress, make sure its material is free of harmful chemicals and toxins, such as VOCs. You can check if a mattress is CertiPUR-US certified to ensure the safest material for your kids to sleep on.

Additionally, choosing a hypoallergenic mattress can help keep away unwanted things like pollen, dust, bed bugs, dust mites, and more. A memory foam mattress is one great example of a hypoallergenic mattress that will help your kid sleep soundly and give you peace of mind that they are sleeping in a healthy and safe environment.


trundle bed frame with twin size mattress



Nobody likes waking up sweaty in the middle of the night, especially little ones. Airflow through a mattress is the best way to keep your kids cool and refreshed throughout the night.

To ensure sufficient airflow, keep an eye out for mattresses with perforated memory foam and breathable mattress covers. These features can enhance airflow and regulate temperature, which makes for a more pleasant night’s sleep.


8 inch twin memory foam mattress


Choosing the perfect mattress for your child should be a thoughtful process that considers safety, comfort, and practicality. Max & Lily is committed to helping you make the best choice for your kids’ sleep space. With our carefully designed mattresses that offer the ultimate support, comfort, and safety, you can rest easy knowing your kids are getting the sleep they deserve.

Explore our collection of memory foam mattresses that are perfect for restful nights of sleep after long days of play. Pair them up with one of our solid wood bunk beds, loft beds or our wide range of other kids’ beds to create your kid’s ultimate dream room, complete with comfort and style.

Lastly, remember, choosing a mattress for your kids is more than a purchase. It’s an investment in their health, happiness and well-being.


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