max and lily 4th of july sale

6 Best 4th of July Kids' Furniture Deals 2024

Summer's in full swing and the 4th of July just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to celebrate, have some epic sleepovers, and give your room a super cool makeover.

At Max & Lily, we know that a room refresh makes every day more fun. That's why we're having our star-spangled Max & Lily 4th of July sale.

Get excited, because it's gonna be more awesome than a fireworks finale.

We're talking 4th of July furniture deals that'll make your room the coolest hangout on the block.

We’ve got kids' bunk beds for epic sleepovers, kids' loft beds that turn your room into a study and play zone all in one, and more.

So grab your sparklers and your red, white, and blue PJs, and let's dive into the best 4th of July deals that will make your room the envy of all your friends.


1. Kids' Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed

Wanna take your room to the next level? Bunk beds for kids are where it's at, especially when they're low bunk beds like ours! This twin over twin bunk bed is the perfect starter bunk for younger kiddos.

Its unique lower height makes it easy for little legs to climb up top and crawl down safely. Sitting only two inches off the ground, the bottom bunk is a perfect place for younger siblings to sleep safely.

Plus, low bunk beds for kids are great space savers for rooms with lower ceilings. This way, you've got more room for all your awesome toys and fort-building supplies. Our low bunks are the best bunk beds around for little kids!


max and lily low bunk bed for kids


2. Scandinavian Twin over Full Bunk Bed

Got a sibling who wants in on the bunk bed action? Our Scandinavian twin over full size bunk bed is the answer to your prayers (and sleepover dreams).

The bottom bunk is a full-size bed, which means there's plenty of room for your BFF (or maybe even two!) to crash for the night.

This bunk comes in both solid colors and two-tone finishes, so you can create a room that's the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Safety first, though! This bunk bed (along with all our other bunks!) has super secure 14-inch guardrails on the top bunk. With these guardrails, you can rest easy knowing you and your bunkmate are safe and sound.


twin over full bunk bed in coastal kids bedroom


3. Twin-Size High Loft Bed with Wraparound Desk and Shelves

School bells might be ringing soon, but that doesn't mean your room can't be a blast! Our twin loft bed with desk and shelves transforms your space into a study and play central headquarters.

It has a cozy kids' bed up top and a kids' desk with shelves underneath for all your school supplies and favorite books.

Even better, this loft bed for kids leaves tons of extra floor space for unleashing your creativity.

Kids love using the space underneath to tackle homework, create epic art projects, or have legendary video game battles with their squad.

Our 4th of July furniture sale is the best (and cheapest) time to prep for all things back to school. Shop this fantastic deal now!


twin size loft bed with desk


4. Kids' Twin-Size Bed with Trundle

Picture this: it's a summer night, and you're having a blast with your best friend at a sleepover. But wait! They forgot their sleeping bag.

Don’t worry, because our kids' twin bed with trundle has a secret weapon: a hidden pullout bed underneath the main bed frame.

This surprise twin trundle bed is perfect for accommodating your favorite sleepover guest, whether it's your BFF, a sibling, or your mom who’s comforting you after a scary dream.

When the sleepover fun is over, the pullout twin bed frame rolls neatly back under the main bed. This leaves plenty of room for daytime adventures. This twin bed for kids is the full package for sleepover fun!


twin bed for kids with twin trundle bed frame


5. Classic 6-Drawer Dresser

Let’s be honest: kids’ bedrooms can get a little messy sometimes, especially after all those summer adventures. But fear not – our 6-drawer dresser is here to save the day.

With a whopping six spacious drawers, there's a place for everything – clothes, toys, books, even your secret stash of candy.

Parents will love the extra safety provided by the anti-tip kit. The kit attaches the dresser to the wall, ensuring that everything stays secure. Now, cleaning up after all that fun can be a breeze!


6. Memory Foam Mattress & Waterproof Mattress Protector

A good night's sleep is the fuel for all your summer adventures. That's why Max & Lily offers comfy memory foam mattresses designed especially for loft and bunk beds for kids.

These low-profile mattresses help maximize headroom and ensure you get the most out of your bed's guardrails.

Pair your Max & Lily mattress with our new waterproof mattress protector. Protect your mattress from spills, accidents, allergens, and more with these mattress covers.

They're sure to keep your mattress clean during all your summer activities and beyond. Our July 4th mattress sale is the perfect time to snag this dynamic duo!


5 inch memory foam mattress


Now is the best time to turn your bedroom into the ultimate summer hangout. With Max & Lily beds, your room will be the envy of all your friends.

Plus, our 4th of July sale is bursting with incredible deals you won't want to miss.

So, whether you're looking for a Max & Lily loft bed or a Max & Lily bunk bed, now's the time to grab those July 4th deals.

Hurry and score those Max & Lily furniture discounts for 4th of July and make your room the star of summer fun!