5 Best Low Bunk Beds for Kids

5 Best Low Bunk Beds for Kids

Looking for the perfect low bunk bed for your kid's room? You're in luck because Max & Lily has got you covered. With a wide selection of over 150 low bunk styles to choose from, finding a Max & Lily bed that both you and your kid will adore is a breeze. Whether your little ones aren't quite ready for a high bunk bed or you have lower ceilings, we have just the right bed for your kiddo. Our beds offer a perfect blend of fun, functionality, safety, and style all in one. Let's explore the top 5 low bunk beds that will make your kids jump for joy.


1. The Original: Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed

Our original low bunk bed is a must-have for any kid’s bedroom. Carefully crafted with knot-free solid wood, there’s a reason this low-profile bunk bed is a classic choice. This bunk bed not only boasts durable solid wood but comes in a variety of beautiful finishes that are sure to match your little one’s favorite color, from white to natural to grey to blue. The bottom bunk sits just two inches off the floor, making it safe and secure for younger kids, and with a height of only 50 inches, this bed is perfect for rooms with lower ceilings.


Twin over twin low bunk bed for kids


2. The Fan Fave: Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed with Staircase

Climbing to the top bunk has never been more exciting with our low bunk bed with stairs! With this fun staircase, kids can easily climb up to the top bunk and have fun while doing it. But that's not all—we understand the importance of storage. That's why we've incorporated three convenient storage cubbies on the side of the bunk bed. From books to toys, these cubbies keep everything within arm's reach, making clean-up time a breeze. This low twin bunk bed is the perfect way to combine playfulness and practicality.


Twin over twin low bunk bed with stairs


3. The Most Fun: Twin Over Twin-Size Low Bunk Bed with Easy Slide

Slide into a world of play and adventure with our bunk bed with slide! Perfect for sleepovers and playdates, this bunk bed with slide brings the playground indoors. This low bunk is sure to start your kid’s day with giggles and adventure as they slide out of bed each morning. Plus, our Easy Slide isn’t just any slide; it comes complete with a gentle curve for a softer landing and hand-hole details for extra safety, so you can rest assured your little one is sliding safely. The fun never stops with this bed.


Children's low bunk bed with slide


4. New Addition: Mid-Century Modern Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed

Travel back in time with this vintage-inspired bunk bed with a modern twist. Our mid-century modern low bunk is an amazing blast from the past, complete with retro-chic pecan and walnut finishes. And that’s not all—this bed’s sleek white guardrails not only keep your kid safe but look cool while doing it. Plus, the solid design of these guardrails makes them the perfect hiding spot for hide-and-seek. This stylish bunk bed mixes the best of the past with the coolest of the present for a sleep space all your kid’s friends will want, too.


Mid-century modern low bunk bed in pecan and white


5. New Addition: Scandinavian Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed

Our Scandinavian-inspired low bunk bed takes fun to a whole new level of style. A sleek, modern take on the fun and loved design of our original, this bed offers a minimalist canvas for your child's unique personality to shine through. Whether they adore sparkles and frills or prefer sports and adventure, this bed is the perfect way for your little one to express their individuality. We've also enhanced the original design with clean and solid finishes and sleekly contrasting two-tone options that parents will adore. Get ready for a bed that combines fun, style, and personalization into one amazing package.


Scandinavian twin over twin low bunk bed for kids


Discover a world of cozy and fun sleep spaces with Max & Lily's amazing variety of over 150 low bunk bed styles to choose from. Whether you're looking for a staple bunk bed that will never go out of style, a storage-savvy staircase adventure that maximizes organization, a giggle-inducing bunk bed with slide that adds an extra touch of fun, a retro-cool vibe for a blast from the past, or a sleek modern look that complements any décor, our bunks have it all. Each one is meticulously crafted to bring together safety, style, and fun, giving your kid the ultimate cozy and stylish spot to rest, play, and let their imagination run wild. So go ahead, browse through our collection of low bunk beds for kids, find your favorite, and get ready for a future full of dreamy nights and endless days of excitement.


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