White twin over full bunk bed with trundle, pink chair, baskets, blue nightstands, and blue crab wallpaper

What is a Trundle Bed: How to Choose the Right One

Wondering how to maximize space for both sleep and play in your kid’s room? Enter the superhero of space-saving solutions: the trundle bed. Whether it’s for sleepovers with friends or sharing a room, trundle beds are a space-maximizing miracle that’s perfect for any room. Let’s dive into what exactly a trundle bed is and how you can find the perfect one for your little one.


What is a Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds are a clever “bed-within-a-bed” solution that creates extra sleeping space without occupying extra floor space. They consist of two separate sleep surfaces, with a pullout bed frame stored underneath the main bed frame.

These beds easily pull out from underneath the main bed frame using a set of wheels, just like a drawer. Need it? Pull it out. Done with it? Simply tuck it back under the main bed frame.

This bed saves tons of floor space for long days of play and keeps the room looking extra neat and tidy, creating a solution that everyone will love.


White twin over full bunk bed with trundle bed


What Are the Uses of a Trundle Bed?

Versatile and practical, you can use a trundle bed in so many different ways. With these pullout beds, you not only get a comfy place to relax and dream, but an amazing spot to hang out with friends, kick back and read your favorite book, or anything else you can dream of. Let’s dive into some of the best uses of trundle beds.

Sharing a Room with Siblings

Creating cherished childhood memories begins with trundle beds! Perfect for sibling pairs sharing a room, these beds are a gateway to adventures and giggles. With two separate sleep surfaces, trundle beds give each sibling their own space to relax while opening up lots of space for them to play together and experience the joy of a shared room.

Sleepovers For Kids

Ever had a friend come over for a sleepover but had nowhere for them to sleep? Well, say goodbye to cramped couches and lumpy sleeping bags and hello to the comfort and convenience of a trundle bed! With just a quick pull, your single bed can instantly transform into a double bed and a sleepover central. When playtime fun ends and it’s time for bed, all your friends will have their own spot to sleep.

Accommodating Out-of-Town Guests

Trundle beds save the day when your favorite cousins or grandparents come to visit from out of town, serving as the perfect guest room alternative. With their clever design, these beds effortlessly transform any space into a cozy retreat for your loved ones. They make family visits feel like fun-filled sleepovers, where everyone gets their own special place to snooze and create lasting memories together. Whether it's sharing late-night stories or enjoying breakfast in bed, trundle beds will make your guests feel right at home.

A Spot for Parents

If your kids are feeling a little under the weather or had a spooky dream, trundle beds offer a spot to stay right by their side and comfort them through it. No need for long walks to the living room or sharing a crowded bed. With trundle beds, you can stay close to your kiddo, read a bedtime story, and be there for all the cuddles. These beds are the perfect setup for those nights when a little extra comfort is just what the doctor ordered.


White twin over full bunk bed with trundle bed in bright colored room with checkered wallpaper and sunshine and flower decor


What Should I Look for in a Trundle Bed?

As with any bed, finding the perfect trundle bed is a big decision. Luckily, if you keep these few factors in mind, finding your kid’s dream bed that fits perfectly in their room will be a breeze.


The first thing to consider when buying a trundle bed is whether or not your room is big enough to accommodate it. If you’re deciding between a twin bed with trundle bed and a full bed with trundle bed, make sure you not only consider the size of the main bed frame but the size of the bed with the trundle extended.

Measure your kid’s room and keep the bed’s dimensions in mind to make sure there is plenty enough room for kiddos to play and walk around the bed without feeling too cramped.

Built-In vs. Add-On

Decide whether you would prefer to buy a bed with a trundle already attached or buy an add-on trundle for a bed you already own. Choosing a bed that comes with a trundle is a great way to ensure that the bed and trundle will be compatible, but if you choose to buy an add-on trundle, make sure it fits the bed you already have and that it will slide out properly.

Single Bed vs. Bunk Bed

Depending how much sleeping space you need, you can choose between a single bed like a twin or full-size bed with trundle bed or a bunk bed with trundle.

If you have more than two kids sharing a room or your little social butterfly likes to host lots of friends for sleepovers, a bunk bed and trundle combo is the best way to maximize sleep surfaces without taking up extra floor space. If you only need to sleep two people, a single bed with trundle may be your best bet.


When searching for the right trundle bed from your space, you will likely come across a variety of materials, from upholstered beds to metal beds. However, for the sturdiest and safest option for your little ones, opt for a solid wood bed. Wooden bed frames are extra durable and are sure to withstand years of sleep and play.


Twin over full bunk bed with trundle in black and blonde in dinosaur themed room


What Size Mattress is Best for a Trundle Bed?

The perfect trundle bed needs the perfect mattress. However, there are a few differences between a good mattress for a regular bed and a good trundle bed mattress.

A low-profile mattress, ideally one that is six inches thick or less, is best to ensure your trundle can easily slide in and out from under the bed frame without getting stuck. A low-profile memory foam mattress is a great fit for a trundle bed and perfectly balances comfort and support to give your kiddo the comfiest and most relaxing night’s sleep. Just be sure to check the dimensions of your trundle bed before ordering a mattress to ensure a perfect fit.


White full-size bed with trundle bed and panel headboard in pink girls' room


With all this information, you’re ready to find the best trundle bed to transform your room into the best sleepover zone. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your trundle bed needs, look no further than Max & Lily.

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