Bunk Bed with Stairs and Underbed Storage Drawers

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Kid's Room Tidy

Is there anything more delightful than walking into a beautifully maintained, tidy, and well-organized kid's room? Picture a space where toys are neatly arranged on beautiful bookcases, clothes are impeccably folded and stored in the spacious drawers of their bedroom dresser, and the joy of effortlessly finding that missing sock is a daily triumph. As a parent, you have the power to transform this dream into a reality for your child.

There are five easy ways to keep your kid’s room tidy:

1. Utilize underbed drawers for effortless organization

2. Use a loft bed to maximize underbed storage

3. Try a staircase bed for safety and storage

4. Add shelving to neatly display your kid's favorite things

5. Incorporate a play curtain to create a multifunctional fort

Let’s break down these five solutions and how to easily add them into your kid’s room to create a neat and tidy space where they can thrive.


1. Discover the Magic of Underbed Drawers

Say goodbye to the chaos of cluttered floors and hello to the magic of storage beds! Bunk beds with storage underneath not only make cleanup time easy but they don’t take away from the style of your kid’s bedroom. Whether your child's bed comes with built-in underbed drawers or you choose to add them, they are a game-changer. There will be no more struggling to get underbed storage containers out from under the bed with a bed frame with storage. It’s an organized and convenient solution to storing your little one’s favorite toys, clothes, or extra bedding.


underbed storage drawers for bunk bed


2. Elevate Your Kid's Space with a Loft Bed

Loft beds for kids are your best friend when it comes to adding extra storage to your kid’s room. These elevated bed frames open up a world of possibilities for underbed storage options. Loft beds add plenty of room underneath your kid’s bed to add a spacious 6-drawer dresser, a kids’ bookshelf, or any other extra storage the room may need. Loft beds with desks are another great way to save space for storage, with a built-in underbed kids’ desk with shelves that can be used to store books, art supplies, or study essentials. You can also utilize a low loft bed with dresser for a convenient multifunctional storage solution that saves the hassle of buying and setting up two separate pieces of furniture.


twin size loft bed with desk and shelves


3. Make Clutter Disappear with a Bunk or Loft Bed with Stairs

Loft beds or wooden bunk beds with stairs are a dream come true for both parents and kids. Not only do loft and bunk beds with steps provide a safe and easy way for kids to climb to the top bunk but they include three convenient side cubbies. These cubbies are perfect for keeping toys, books, and bedtime essentials within easy reach. Plus, they double as display shelves to showcase your child's prized possessions. A staircase bunk bed or loft bed is the perfect solution to maximizing storage space in a room.


low bunk bed with stairs and slide


4. Add Shelving Wherever Possible

Shelving is key when creating an organized kid’s room. Kids’ bookcases and children’s desks with shelves provide extra room to organize and store books, games, toys, art supplies, and other items. You can even add a solid wood bunk bed or loft bed with a built-in bookcase shelf to create additional storage without taking up any extra space. Encourage your child to keep their room tidy by making it easy for them to access and store their treasures with a children’s bookcase that is built into their bed.


kids loft bed with desk and bookcase


5. Transform the Room with a Fun Play Curtain

Add not only a touch of creativity and personality but a clutter-concealing solution to your little one’s room by adding a play curtain to their loft bed frame. With options ranging from a firetruck to a princess castle, hanging a playful curtain under the bed transforms the space into an enchanting underbed fort where your child can let their imagination run wild. When playtime is over, you can easily hide away any underbed storage or lingering clutter that doesn’t have a designated spot by simply closing the curtain. With a vibrant curtain, your kid’s room becomes a space of wonder and order.


loft bed curtain on kids loft bed


Maintaining a neat and tidy kid’s room doesn’t have to be a chore but it can instead become an easy and enjoyable task. By using any of these five clever storage solutions, you can create a space that's both functional and fun for your little one. If you’re on the hunt for furniture that can easily integrate these storage solutions, Max & Lily has you covered. With a wide range of solid wood loft beds and bunk beds for kids, solid wood dressers, writing desks, and kids’ bookcases, Max & Lily is a one-stop shop for all your storage needs in a kid’s bedroom. With Max & Lily, you can say goodbye to clutter and hello to a cleaner, happier room where your child can thrive.