Slide Beds for Kids: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Slide Beds for Kids: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Slide beds for kids are a great way to add some excitement to your child's bedroom. Beds with slides provide a cozy, comfortable sleeping space while also adding a built-in play area for your kid’s room. When it comes to buying a slide bed for kids, there are many things to consider, from safety to design. This guide to kids’ beds with slides will explore some of the most asked questions parents have about slide beds and teach you everything you need to know before making a purchase.



What is a slide bed?

A slide bed is a type of kid's bed with a slide attached to the bed. This type of bed is designed to provide a fun and playful experience for children, making it an exciting addition to any kid's bedroom. Ideal for rainy days, beds with slides provide bring play indoors with a unique setup that is perfect for sleep and play. Slide beds are also designed to make the most of limited bedroom space. Available in loft bed and bunk bed styles, many slide bed configurations help maximize floor space. With a space-saving design and built-in play area, slide beds are simply unbeatable.


white low bunk bed with stairs and slide


What are the different types of slide beds available?

Kids' bunk beds with slides and loft beds with slides are the most common types of slide beds for kids. Slide bunk beds are great for shared rooms because their stacked design can sleep 2 or more kids. Loft beds with slides have a raised design that opens up floor space underneath the bed for storage or play. Low bunk beds with slides and low loft beds with slides are great for younger kids because their lower height keeps the beds closer to the ground. Loft beds and bunk beds with slides and stairs are also available for safe and easy climbing. With so many different types of slide beds to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your little ones.


twin size low bunk bed with stairs and slide


Are slide beds safe for children to use?

Slide beds for kids are designed with safety in mind. Max & Lily Easy Slide beds, for example, feature slides with a lowered top platform and hand-hold cutouts to center and stabilize kids before sliding starts, along with a gentle curve for a smoother ride and softer landing. It's important to follow slide safety guidelines to ensure a safe and fun sliding experience. Children should not use the slide until it has been properly installed, and only one child between the ages of 6 and 10 should use the slide at a time. Children should not walk on the slide instead of sliding, and children should not walk in front of the slide while someone is sliding down. Do not attach other items to the slide and be sure to place the slide on a level surface at a safe distance from any other structures like walls or furniture. It's also recommended that adults supervise children using the slide. With these safety guidelines in mind, your kids can enjoy a slide bed in a safe and fun way.


twin low bunk bed with stairs and easy slide


Can beds with slides bed used in small bedrooms?

Low bunk beds with slides and low loft beds with slides are a great option for small bedrooms. Both styles are perfect for rooms with lower ceilings and help maximize floor space. Low bunk beds with slides feature a stacked design that opens up space for play, while low loft beds with slides have a raised design that creates more space under the bed. Remember to measure the room first to make sure that there is enough space between the edge of the slide and any walls or other furniture to ensure a safe sliding experience.


low loft bed with slide and farmhouse curtain


How do I choose the right bed with slide for my child's bedroom?

Choosing the right bed with slide for your child's bedroom can be easy if you take these 4 factors into account.

1. Consider the amount of space you have in your kid's room. If you have a smaller bedroom, a kids’ loft bed with slide is perfect because it creates extra storage space underneath the bed.

2. Keep in mind how many children will be sleeping in the room. If you have multiple children sharing a room, a bunk bed with slide is an excellent option.

3. Choose between a slide bed with a ladder or a slide bed with staircase. Bunk and loft beds with ladders are ideal for smaller rooms because they take up less floor space, while bunk and loft beds with stairs feature a handrail and built-in side cubbies for extra storage.

4. Consider adding a play curtain to your child's bed to maximize fun and play. A slide bed with curtain transforms any bedroom into the ultimate indoor playground. From firetruck curtains to princess curtains, there are tons of bunk and loft bed curtain designs available to fit your kid's style.


With all these options available, you're sure to find the perfect slide bed for your child's bedroom.


kids twin size bunk bed with slide


Slide beds are a fun alternative to a traditional bed and give your kids endless hours of fun and creative playtime. Choosing the right slide bed for your child's room is not difficult, and there are a variety of different options available, from loft bed to bunk bed slides. With the knowledge from this guide, you can find the right slide bed for your kid’s bedroom.

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