Full over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

How to Maximize Space with Bunk Beds: Tips with @TidyDad

What's better than a Max & Lily bunk bed? That's right, two Max & Lily bunk beds! Meet Tyler Moore, aka @TidyDad on Instagram. He's an expert when it comes to creating dream rooms for his three daughters, Mabel, Matilda, and Margaret. Whether it's their cozy NYC apartment or their charming cottage in the heart of the Poconos, Tyler knows exactly how to make their rooms magical. The one thing both homes have in common is a Max & Lily bunk bed. These beds are the perfect solution to each home’s individual needs, providing comfort, style, and functionality. That's why Tidy Dad chose Max & Lily for his girls- so they'd have a spot to escape, relax, and grow. Let’s take a look at why both of these bunk beds are perfect for the three girls.


Poconos Paradise: Full Over Full Bunk Bed and Twin Trundle

Full over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

In their cozy Poconos cottage, the three sisters enjoy sharing a room, fostering a heartwarming sense of togetherness. "It’s hard for them to believe that when I was a kid, my sisters and I all had separate bedrooms," Tyler said. "They love sharing a room and don’t understand why some kids have to sleep alone!"

However, this can present challenges in the smaller space of the cottage. That's where Max & Lily’s full over full bunk bed with trundle comes to the rescue. The twin trundle easily tucks away under the lower bunk, leaving plenty of room for daytime play and enough sleep space for all three girls to comfortably doze off at night. This versatile setup ensures that the girls can share a room while still having their own separate sleep spaces. As every parent knows, kids' preferences can change daily, and with the ability to switch out their sleeping arrangements, the girls are absolutely thrilled. “The girls love sleeping in the same room as one another and enjoy trading off with who sleeps where,” said Tyler. “The top bunk seemed to be the most prized location.”

And if that wasn't awesome enough, the bunk bed's built-in ladder cleverly saves space that would have been taken up by big steps. This cool design choice made room for a dresser, making the room even neater and leaving more room for fun.

The flexibility of the trundle bed also aligns perfectly with the family's decision to rent out their cottage during the school year. "It’s incredible that the bunk at our cottage can sleep up to 5 people," Tyler said. "The full over full bunk bed with trundle is a unique option and has been wonderful!" Whether it's accommodating extra guests or creating a cozy nook for quiet reading, the trundle bed proves its worth time and time again.


Triple the Fun: Triple Bunk Bed

In the Moore family’s cozy NYC apartment, where you have to make the most of every inch of space, the Max & Lily triple bunk bed truly stands out. This incredible triple-decker not only saves valuable floor space but also creates unique retreats for each daughter to enjoy some quiet time and relaxation.

Sharing a room can be an opportunity for cooperation and bonding, and with separate spaces within that shared room, it strikes the perfect balance between togetherness and independence. The girls can retreat to their designated bunk bed levels to read, listen to music, or even drift off to sleep. "All three girls have quiet time in their bedroom and we have them each in separate bunk bed levels," said Tyler. "[During quiet time,] our girls love to read, play with their baby dolls, and craft.  It’s nice that they each have their own separate space within the shared bedroom."

The Max & Lily triple bunk bed is an absolute game-changer when it comes to maximizing floor space. With its vertical design, it cleverly utilizes the height of the room, creating more room for play or extra storage. It's the perfect solution for city living, where spacious apartments are a rarity. Plus, this well-thought-out design allows for additional furniture, play areas, or storage, ensuring a clutter-free and spacious room for the girls. Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to a comfortable, organized, and efficient living area with the triple bunk bed.


Tyler's decision to add Max & Lily bunk beds into his daughters' bedrooms has transformed their living spaces and enriched their daily routines. From the cozy Poconos cottage to the bustling NYC apartment, these bunk beds have seamlessly integrated into the family's lifestyle. "The bunks in both our apartment and cottage completely transformed the spaces," said Tyler. "The girls said they felt like the rooms were larger!"

From bedtime stories to quiet reading time, Max & Lily bunk beds provide the perfect setting for the Moore family's bonding moments and shared memories. So, if you're seeking a solution that seamlessly combines functionality, space-saving design, and an opportunity to create cherished family memories, take a page from Tidy Dad's book and consider Max & Lily bunk beds—the perfect fit for any dreamy bedroom.


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