Home for the Holidays: Helpful Tips to Get Your Kids Space Holiday Ready

Home for the Holidays: Helpful Tips to Get Your Kid's Bedroom Holiday Ready

Spending the holidays at home this year? Whether you’re welcoming guests or having a relaxing holiday staycation, we have the best tips for getting your kid's bedroom ready for the holidays ahead. With our kid's beds and bedroom furniture, it’s easy to bring functional style to every kid's bedroom. Let’s go!


1. Yule Be Tidying Up

When holiday guests come over, it’s important to make sure your kids’ bedroom is clean and clutter-free. To maximize their space, our Under Bed Storage Drawers in Classic and Modern Farmhouse finishes create a place for kids to organize their toys and games when it’s time for bed.





Have a whole lot of clothes and extra bedding? Our solid wood Modern Farmhouse Dressers combine a cozy, rustic look with the space they need to store their favorite things. For easy bedside storage, our Classic and Modern Farmhouse nightstands come with roomy drawers and shelves to make sure books, cups, and phones are kept neat and out of sight.





2. ‘Tis the Sleepover Season

Too many guests, not enough rooms? We’ve all been there. Luckily with our Bunk Beds and Beds with Trundles, there’s plenty of room to sleep two or three kids in the same space.





Space-saving Bunk Beds offer the perfect way to maximize your room. Because the holidays call for more festive décor and seasonal accent pieces, it’s best to have a compact bunk bed that makes room for more furniture. Shared rooms with guests can often get overcrowded with suitcases and clothes - making it difficult to find space for play. With a kid’s bunk bed, it’s easy to have the perfect stacked design that opens up your room.





Trundle Beds are also a great way to add another sleeping space in a snap. Our trundles roll easily underneath your Max & Lily® Bunk Bed or Single Bed, giving you extra space for guests at night and more space for play during the day. Perfect for sleepovers and slumber parties, having a trundle bed in your bedroom ensures everyone has a comfortable and supportive place to sleep.




3. It’s a Wonderful Slide!

The holidays call for more fun with friends and family. And what better way to bring this into your kids’ bedroom than with a Slide Bed! Available in Low Loft and Low Bunk designs, our beds with slides make sure the fun never stops during this festive time of year.





With a slide bed, you can bring your play space and sleeping space together in the same room - opening up other areas in your home for additional guest rooms. Our low loft and low bunk beds with slides feature the solid wood designs and functional styles you love with super-fun slides that make playtime even more enjoyable.





4. Curtains That Bring Comfort & Joy

When the holidays get a little hectic, it’s nice to have a space of your own to play, read, or relax. With our Underbed Curtains with Fancy and Square Windows, creating a cozy play fort underneath your Low Loft or Low Bunk bed is easy peasy.





Hand-sewn with 100% cotton, our Underbed Curtains are soft and durable for every playtime. And with a roll-up door and transparent windows, these curtains turn your Low Loft or Low Bunk bed into the coziest little spot for creating your Christmas list.





As you can see, there are so many ways you can make this holiday season fun and stress-free for the whole family. Ready to get started? Explore our entire collection of kid’s beds and furniture and make your home ready for the holidays!


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