7 Tips to Maximize Space in Kids’ Bedrooms

7 Tips to Maximize Space in Kids’ Bedrooms

Looking to make some extra space in your kid’s bedroom? Whether it's to clear space for all their toys or to accommodate overnight guests, we've got you covered with creative and practical solutions. Our expert tips will help you maximize space in your kids' bedrooms, creating a spacious and organized environment that will be a delight for both you and your child. With our suggestions, you can transform your little one's room into the perfect space for relaxation and play.


1. Add a Bed with Built-In Storage

Storage beds are a game-changer when you’re trying to free up space in your kid’s bedroom, whether your kid would prefer to proudly display their belongings or store under bed in underbed drawers. Bunk beds with underbed storage drawers are one way you can stow away your kiddo’s extra toys, clothes, books, and more without taking up any extra floor space, all while keeping their belongings within arm’s reach of their bed.

For another fun option, try a bunk bed with stairs. Not only does a bunk bed with steps have three side cubbies to neatly showcase your kid’s favorite things but the anti-slip steps make climbing up to the top bunk extra safe and fun, especially for younger kids. Bunk beds with storage are the perfect way to not only make use for vertical space but keep your kid’s belongings neat and organized.


2. Incorporate a Loft Bed for Extra Play Space

Looking for a versatile and fun bed option that maximizes floor space and adds a touch of creativity to your kid's room? Consider a loft bed. The elevated bed frame not only creates a spacious area underneath but also opens up a world of endless possibilities. Imagine transforming that space into a cozy reading nook, an art station where your little one can unleash their creativity, a vibrant play area filled with toys and imagination, a dedicated study space for focused learning, or even incorporating a stylish bedroom dresser to keep everything organized. With a loft bed, you can say goodbye to unnecessarily occupied space and hello to a room that feels more spacious, functional, and tailored to your child's interests and needs. It's the perfect solution to optimize floor space while adding a touch of magic and excitement to their everyday adventures.


3. Use a Bed Curtain to Hide Extra Clutter

Even with the best storage solutions, there may still be some clutter, but worry not! Here's a fun and stylish solution: a bed curtain under a loft bed. Simply add a fun decorative curtain underneath your kid’s bed to create a whimsical play fort but also conceals any bulky storage bins.  And here's the best part: when their friends arrive for a play date, you can quickly clean up by simply pulling the curtain closed, effortlessly transforming the room. This option is win-win for kids and parents alike. It not only brings joy and creativity to the room but also offers a practical solution to keep your space organized and ready for any occasion.


4. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Choosing furniture that serves multiple purposes is a smart move when it comes to maximizing space. Loft beds with desks built in combine two essential pieces of furniture, giving you both functionality and space efficiency. Want to take it to the next level? Add a pullout desk to a regular loft bed to give your kid even more space-saving options, allowing them to have a dedicated workspace that they can tuck away when not in use.

Additionally, don’t forget about bunk beds with trundles and triple bunk beds—they offer extra sleeping space for overnight guests without taking up valuable floor space. It's all about making the most of your space!


5. Opt for a Tall Dresser

When it comes to solid wood dressers, think vertical. Don't feel limited to a small dresser for your kid's room—maximize floor space with a tall dresser for bedroom rather than a wide one.  Tall dressers provide ample storage without sacrificing precious floor area. They’re the perfect solution for stashing away toys when they're not in use. A tall, real wood dresser makes a fantastic addition to any kid's bedroom.


6. Add a Bedside Tray

A bedside tray is a small but mighty addition to your kid’s bedroom that won’t take up any floor space. Adding all the benefits of a bedside nightstand to the top bunk, this tray for bedside convenience is perfect for keeping a cup of water, a book, or other small nightstand essentials within arm’s reach, especially in rooms that may not have space for a full-size nightstand. This solution not only saves space but adds a dash of extra convenience to your kid’s nighttime routine.


7. Make Use of Corners

Corners are often overlooked, but they can be treasure troves of space-saving opportunities. Push your kid’s bed into the corner or add an L-shaped desk to make the most of this underutilized space. Adding a corner desk with shelves can even help to add valuable storage space to the room. Every square inch counts when it comes to creating a spacious and inviting bedroom.


These seven tips will help you create a more spacious and organized kids' bedroom, perfect for when your kids have friends over and storing their toys. By implementing these creative solutions, you can make the most of your space without sacrificing style or comfort. If you want to get started on clearing space in your little one’s room, look to Max & Lily for all your space-saving needs. With kids' desks, all wood dressers, bunk and loft beds, and more, Max & Lily has you covered no matter what your kid's room may need. Shop our collection of fun and functional kids' furniture today to create the spacious retreat of your kid's dreams Remember, a clutter-free and well-organized bedroom not only benefits parents but also creates a happy and inviting space for your child to enjoy.


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