3 reasons to love our mid century modern low bunk bed

3 Reasons to Love Our Mid-Century Modern Low Bunk Bed

Introducing our latest obsession: the mid-century modern low bunk bed. While this bunk adds some serious style points to your kids’ room, it’s about more than just looks. Kids and parents alike are raving about this cool bunk bed – kids love it because it’s extra fun and parents appreciate the above-and-beyond safety features.

With a brand-new finish and a recent stamp of approval from The Strategist, this kids’ bunk bed has everyone talking. Let’s get into all the reasons to love this super stylish bunk bed.


The Coolest Two-Toned Finishes

Let’s start with the obvious: this bunk looks pretty awesome. It's got a two-tone finish with sleek white melamine guardrails and a warm-toned solid wood frame. This creates a cool contrast that makes your room look extra stylish.

Plus, you get to pick from three different wood finishes: pecan, walnut, or our newest addition: blonde. Our pecan and walnut finishes add warmth to your little one’s room, making it feel super cozy, while our new blonde finish makes it feel light and bright. No matter your kiddo’s style, we’ve got the color combo that will make their room pop.


mcm twin over twin low bunk beds for kids


Fun & Safety All In One

What's better than having a bed that's a sleepover central? Having one that's super safe, too! Our bunk bed is designed with kids and their endless energy in mind.


mcm low bunk bed for kids


Not only does it leave tons of space for slumber parties and playtime, but it also comes packed with safety features that parents love. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • - Perfect for Little Kids: The bottom bunk is only two inches off the ground, which makes it a perfect first "big kid bed."
  • - Low and Safe: This bunk bed is shorter than most, making it super easy and safe for kids to climb up and down (especially those who are new to the whole bunk bed thing). 
  • - Low Profile for Low Ceilings: Speaking of short, if your room has a lower ceiling, this bunk bed is a great choice, standing at only 48.75 inches tall – no more bumped heads!
  • - Secure Guardrails: Solid melamine guardrails all around the top bunk keep your child safe and secure while they sleep.
  • - Rounded Edges for Safety: The guardrails even have rounded edges instead of sharp corners, so there's no need to worry about bumps or bruises when climbing the ladder.


low mcm bunk bed for kids


Award Winner

We could go on all day about how awesome our bunk beds are, but hey, sometimes it’s cool when someone else does the talking for us.

The Strategist tipped their hat to us, naming our mid-century low bunk bed the “Best Small-Space Bunk Bed.” And they hit the nail on the head! Perfect for tucking into cozy nooks, this bunk bed’s smaller footprint, lower height, and space efficiency make it a game-changer for smaller bedrooms.


mid century modern kids bunk bed for small spaces


With all these amazing features, it’s clear The Strategist has the right idea. Our mid-century modern low bunk bed is definitely one of the coolest around. It's got style, it's got safety, and it's got the fun factor that makes your room the place to be.

Whether you're hosting epic sleepovers or just chilling out in your cozy nook, this bunk bed is your ticket to creating the coolest kids’ bedroom around. With finishes to match every space (including our new blonde finish), your kiddo can create a bedroom that reflects just how amazing they are.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our mid-century low bunk today for the best addition to your kids’ room that kids and parents can agree on.