Two sisters sitting at white solid wood desks for kids in pink and orange kids' bedroom

How to Choose a Kids' Desk: 5 Easy Tips

As your kids grow, so does their need for a dedicated workspace. A kids’ desk provides a space for them not only to do homework but also to express their creativity through drawing or doing crafts. But with so many different types of desks available, how do you choose the right one? Well, worry not because we’re here to help you find the perfect children’s desk to nurture your kiddo’s creativity and love for learning.

When you’re choosing a kid's desk for your space, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Measure the size of the room

2. Find what their storage needs are

3. Choose kid-friendly safety features

4. Look for high-quality materials

5. Define what purpose the desk will serve in the room

Let’s dive into all the must-know considerations before making the big decision.


Measure the size of the room

The size of your child's room plays a pivotal role in determining the type of desk that will fit seamlessly into the space. Before embarking on your quest for the perfect desk, be sure to measure your kid’s room and determine how much space you’re willing to dedicate to a desk.

If your kid’s room is on the smaller side, consider the space-saving advantages of children’s corner desks. These ingenious designs take advantage of corners that may otherwise go unused, providing an efficient solution for compact spaces and opening valuable space for sleep and play.

Another creative space-maximizing option is loft beds with desks. A kid favorite, these elevated beds with desks built in offer a smart way to incorporate a workspace without compromising precious floor space. Plus, some loft beds with desks even come with bookcases, perfect for storing your kiddo’s favorite books, toys, trophies, and more. It's a win-win for both fun and functionality.


Solid wood loft beds with desks and bookcases


Find what their storage needs are

Kids accumulate a lot of stuff, so it’s important to choose a desk with plenty of space to store it all. Choose a children’s desk with storage for writing utensils, art supplies, and homework essentials. Desks with shelves are an excellent choice as they not only provide ample storage but serve as a great place for kids to display their favorite décor, trophies, toys, and more.

Loft beds with desks are also a great option for extra storage. With a large amount of room underneath the bed, you can easily add a solid wood dresser or bookshelf underneath for additional storage. Even better, look into solid wood loft beds with desks and built-in bookcases. These innovative beds not only have lots of shelving for your kiddo to display their favorite books or trophies, but the shelves are movable, which can open up room for a TV or gaming console.


Solid wood loft bed with desk and shelves in peach colored girls' bedroom


Choose kid-friendly safety features

As with any piece of kids’ furniture, safety should always come first when choosing a kids’ desk. First and foremost, make sure to pick a desk with a low VOC finish—it keeps your space clean and safe from harmful chemicals so kids stay happy and healthy.

Additionally, explore desks with rounded corners. When kids are being kids, the rounded corners will protect them from any bumps, bruises, or scratches that could come from sharper corners. Plus, if you choose to put your desk in a corner, rounded corners leave a space to thread cords from the outlet to the tabletop, making it easier to plug in all your favorite gadgets.


Solid wood computer desk in corner and rounded desk corner


Look for high-quality materials

When choosing the right material for a desk where kids can learn and let their creativity run wild, nothing beats the warmth and charm of a wooden desk for kids. Unlike cold and industrial metal alternatives, wood brings a touch of coziness to the room, creating an environment where imagination can flourish. Desks shouldn’t just be functional, but they should add to the kid-friendly atmosphere of your child’s room. With the natural appeal of wood, these desks become more than just a study area—they're a cozy nook where homework turns into adventures and creativity knows no bounds. Choose a wooden tabletop that not only stands the test of spills and scribbles but also transforms a room into a haven of warmth and inspiration for your little ones.


Solid wood bunk bed with trundle and solid wood desk with shelves in white


Define what purpose the desk will serve in the room

Choosing the perfect desk for your little one can be a breeze when you know exactly what activities will take place at the desk. If your kid is a budding Picasso or a crafting extraordinaire, a small wooden desk with shelves should offer plenty enough room to serve as a children’s craft table or children’s art desk. On the other hand, if the desk is destined to be a hub for homework and study sessions, your little one may need some extra space. For tech-savvy kids, a wooden L-shaped desk could be the ultimate solution, providing both a dedicated writing surface and a spot for their computer adventures. However, if your kiddo's activities are more focused on writing, drawing, and crafts, a smaller writing desk may be all they need. Whatever the purpose, make sure the desk suits your child's needs, allowing them to explore, learn, and create comfortably.


Kids writing at solid wood children's desks


Creating the perfect workspace for your child is a special journey filled with so many possibilities for learning and creativity. By exploring these essential factors, you’re on your way to discovering the best desk for your little one. From clever space-saving solutions like loft beds with desks to matching a desk to your child's interests, each consideration is like a piece of a puzzle, fitting together to create a space where imagination thrives.


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