Finn's Flying High in His Fantastic New Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Ideas: Bunk Beds with Desks and Storage to Maximize Space

Bunk beds have always been a popular choice for families looking to save space in their kids' rooms while giving them a fun and functional sleeping setup. With the addition of desks and storage, bunk beds have become even more versatile and practical. Check out how Finn’s new bunk bed with desk and storage transformed his new room into the ultimate place for sleep, study, storage, and more.



Space-Saving Bunk Beds for Kids

L-shaped bunk beds are a great way to save space in any kid’s room. Unlike traditional bunk beds, L-shaped bunk beds have a perpendicular design that places the bottom bunk at a right angle instead of directly underneath the top bunk. This design creates more floor space and allows for additional features like desks or storage. That’s why Max & Lily’s L-Shaped Twin Over Twin-Size Bunk Bed with Bookcase and Desk was the perfect fit for Finn’s new room.



Best Bunk Bed for Sleepovers

Bunk beds aren’t just for shared rooms - they’re also a favorite for kids who want flexibility in their sleeping space. For his new room, Finn wanted a bed that gave him enough versatility for all his favorite activities. Not only is his new twin bunk bed great for sleepovers, but it also gives Finn a choice in where he sleeps each night. “I like how there’s an option to sleep on the top or the bottom. You can always switch!” Finn says.



Bunk Beds with Storage

Another way to maximize the functionality of bunk beds is by adding storage. Bunk beds with storage are an excellent solution for kids who want to save space in their room. The L-Shaped Twin Over Twin-Size Bunk Bed with Bookcase and Desk features a built-in bookcase with 3 open shelves with plenty of room for books, toys, and more. 



Finn loves the built-in storage space in his twin over twin bunk bed - the shelves in the bookcase are the perfect place for Finn to keep books and show off his Lego collection.



Bunk Beds with Desks

Bunk beds with desks are an easy way to maximize space in any kid’s room. Instead of needing a separate desk and bed in a kids's room, you can combine both into one compact unit by placing the desk on the bottom bunk. This is especially useful in smaller rooms where every square inch counts.



Bunk beds with desks also help kids learn good study habits and encourage them to get their homework done. With a designated work space, kids can be excited about doing their homework and less likely to get distracted. The built-in desk is one of Finn’s favorite parts of his new wooden bunk bed. “I like how the desk is not too big that it takes up too much space, but it’s a good size so you can write and do stuff on it.”



Bunk beds with desks and bunk beds with storage offer a multitude of benefits for kids and parents alike. From saving space to encouraging good study habits to maximizing storage, these beds are a great option for any kid’s room.

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