Solid wood twin over twin bunk bed with stairs and storage drawers in clay

5 Creative Storage Solutions for Kids' Rooms That Are So Easy

Tired of stepping on Legos and finding toys in every nook and cranny of your home? Keeping a kid’s room clean can feel like a never-ending battle, but it doesn’t need to. By adding just a few clever storage solutions to your kid’s room, cleanup time will be easier than ever. After implementing our expert tips, you can say goodbye to messy rooms and hello to an organized haven where your little one can sleep, play, study, and more. Here are a few ways you can tidy up your kiddo’s space to keep it feeling neat and tidy, even after long days of play:


1. Use a bookcase to teach organizational skills.

2. Repurpose vacant closet space for extra storage.

3. Hide extra clutter using a fun underbed curtain.

4. Tuck away belongings in a storage bed.

5. Create an underbed storage nook.


Use a Bookcase to Teach Organizational Skills

Want to help your child develop important organizational skills and habits? Try adding a spacious and stylish kids’ bookcase to their room. By placing a sturdy kids’ bookshelf on an empty wall or under a cozy loft bed, your child will have a special spot to store and display their favorite books, toys, and treasures.


Solid wood kids' bookcase with four shelves


To make it even more fun, you can add vibrant storage bins or baskets, color-coded to help show your child where everything in their room belongs. This not only makes the room look amazing but also helps your child categorize and keep everything neat and tidy.


Solid wood 6-shelf bookcase for kids


Cleanup time will become a breeze when your child knows where things go, plus it will help them to get into the habit of keeping their room in tip-top shape.


Repurpose Vacant Closet Space for Extra Storage

Kids might not need as much closet space for clothes, so why not repurpose it?

One way to do so is by adding a solid wood dresser. Introduce a kids' dresser into their closet to store extra toys, bedding, and any other items that could otherwise clutter their play area.


Natural wood dresser for kids with five drawers


A tall dresser can easily squeeze into a closet space and double up your closet's storage. Adding a children's dresser not only maximizes space for play in the main area of their room but also makes accessing toys a breeze.

As an alternative, try adding a small wooden bench to the closet. You can easily add a bin underneath to store shoes, toys, and more, plus it gives your kiddo a spot to sit and tie their shoes.


Solid wood bench for kids' bedrooms


Hide Extra Clutter Using a Fun Underbed Curtain

Transform the space beneath a wooden loft bed for kids into an enchanting hideaway by adorning it with a whimsical underbed curtain. Whether it's a vibrant firetruck or a majestic princess castle, this delightful addition not only creates an extraordinary fort underneath their low loft bed but also functions as a clever storage zone for toys and treasures.


Solid wood bed with farmhouse curtain


Your kiddo can enjoy hours of play in a children’s loft bed hideaway their friends will love and when they're done, just close the curtain, and voila, all the clutter is hidden away. With a simple pull of the curtain, an enchanting world awaits, effortlessly concealing any sign of clutter and adding a touch of magic to the room.


Tuck Away Belongings in a Storage Bed

Whoever said beds are just for sleeping clearly didn't know about cool storage solutions like beds with underbed storage drawers or bunk and loft beds with steps.

Consider adding underbed drawers to any bed to maximize storage without sacrificing precious floor space. A wooden bunk bed with storage drawers is a space-saving wonder that not only maximizes storage, but sleep space and play space. By adding drawers underneath the bed, you can easily take any room from messy to neat and organized.


Solid wood bunk with drawers underneath


Children’s bunk beds with stairs and loft beds with stairs take your storage up a notch. With a loft or bunk bed with steps, even younger kids can easily climb up to the top bed. Plus, convenient side cubbies on the staircase allow them to neatly show off their prized possessions, from trophies to toys to books.


Twin over twin low bunk bed with stairs and slide


Create an Underbed Storage Nook

Solid wood loft beds take the concept of underbed storage to a new level, literally.

These elevated bed frames open up a world of space under the bed. Their design creates a haven of storage underneath, without taking up valuable floor space.

Customize the space by adding a children’s bookshelf or children’s dresser underneath to suit your kiddo’s unique needs.

For even more fun and functionality, look for loft beds with storage features built in. A loft bed with desk or loft bed with bookcase is a great way to have these storage solutions built into the bed and leave even more room underneath the bed for your child to play, read a book, or just lounge around.


Full-size loft bed with desk and bookcase


In the quest for an organized and vibrant kids' space, these creative storage solutions prove that practicality and playfulness can coexist. With smart solutions from loft beds with room underneath to playful underbed curtains, cleaning up doesn’t have to be a chore for kids. It can transform into a playful and fun task that they can do without even having to be asked.



How do I maximize storage in my kid’s room?

By using multifunctional furniture and making use of underutilized spaces like corners or under the bed, maximizing storage becomes easy in kids’ rooms. Try options like solid wood loft beds, beds with underbed storage, dressers, and bookcases to make the most of kids’ bedrooms of any size.


How do I organize my kid’s room?

The key to organizing a kid’s room is making cleanup fun and easy. Use color-coded bins to make sure your child always knows where their things go, add drawers under the bed to provide a convenient spot to store their most used items, and add a fun play curtain to hide away extra clutter, and cleanup will feel like part of the fun rather than just another chore.


How do I make hidden storage in my kid’s room?

To hide away extra clutter discreetly, add underbed drawers that roll out when it’s time to clean up and neatly tuck back under the bed when it’s playtime. Or, try hanging an underbed curtain from your child’s loft bed, creating both an underbed play space and a spot that easily hides any extra storage bins or furniture.


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