4 Reasons Why Our Latest High Loft Is the Ultimate Sleep & Study Solution

Best Loft Beds for Kids: 4 Reasons Why This Loft Bed with Desk Is the Ultimate Sleep & Study Solution

If you're in search of a kids’ bed that is both functional and fun, then a loft bed with desk and storage might just be what you're looking for. Ideal for sleep, study, and storage, this bed features a multifunctional design that is the perfect addition to any kid’s room. Here are 4 reasons why this loft bed is the best bed for back to school season.



#1 - Loft Bed with Desk Creates a Homework Station

The Twin-Size High Loft Bed with Wraparound Desk and Shelves from Max & Lily will transform any bedroom into the ultimate study zone. This loft bed for kids features over 50 inches of underbed height and a large desk surface on three sides, plenty of space for kids to spread out and work on homework or art projects. Not only does this design save space, but it also creates a built-in homework station that helps kids create good study habits.



#2 - Loft Bed with Storage to Keep Rooms Clean

Organization has never been easier. This twin loft bed features open storage shelves with easy access to all school supplies and other essentials. Books, toys, board games, and art supplies can all be stored close by for a study break.



#3 - Loft Bed Maximizes Floor Space

With its raised design, this loft bed makes bedtime fun. The ladder features grooved, anti-slip steps to make climbing into bed easy-peasy. Parents can rest easy knowing that tall, 14 inch guardrails help keep sleepers safe and secure. With the sleeping surface high off the floor, there’s even more space to relax and play.



#4 - Safe Loft Bed for Kids

Safe is Max & Lily’s #1 priority, and this twin loft bed is no exception. Made of knot-free, solid pine wood, this loft bed features secure metal-on-metal bolt connections to create a strong and durable design that will last for years to come. A solid pine wood slat roll and underbed metal support bar create a high 400 lb weight capacity. All finishes are non-toxic and low-VOC, creating a clean and healthy sleeping space in any kid’s room.



The Twin-Size High Loft Bed with Wraparound Desk and Shelves is a great addition to any kid’s bedroom. Perfect for sleep, study, and storage, this loft bed is a favorite with kids and parents. 


Ready to find the right loft bed for your kid’s room? Shop Max & Lily’s Twin-Size High Loft Bed with Wraparound Desk & Shelves, Loft Beds, and more.