Lydia's Room Reveal

High Loft with Bookcase and Desk Maximizes Lydia's Room

At Max & Lily, we want to empower kids to create their dream rooms. That’s exactly what happened when Lydia (8 yrs) helped her mom, Carly (@lipglossandcrayons), design her room with all new Max & Lily furniture!



Why Max & Lily?

Lydia was ready for a room makeover and the main priority was creating a space that was truly hers. Lydia loves to read and draw, so when she (and mom) found the Twin Size High Loft Bed with Bookcase and Desk it was the perfect fit!



Made to Maximize Space 

Lydia had grown out of her old room and was ready for something a little more grown-up to fit her lifestyle. “She had a large bed that took up most of the usable space, as a result, she didn’t enjoy spending time in her room,” said mom. Our high loft design allowed Lydia to maximize her space so that she can enjoy more than just sleeping in her room. "We all love hanging out in there now!"


Multi-Functional Design

The Twin High Loft Bed with Bookcase and Desk has it all! Lydia is able to enjoy using her room in multiple ways. From sleeping to reading and drawing, all of her favorite things to do are now in her room! “She really enjoys using the desk. She has it arranged with all of her art supplies,” said mom.



Mix & Match

Lydia (and mom) chose the Solid Wood Large Bench to create a cozy reading spot in her room. Our large bench and high loft beds are the perfect pairings! “The furniture is coordinated and looks amazing together!” said mom. 



Space, Space, Space

Mom’s favorite part? Space! The high loft design paired with the desk and bookcase has allowed Lydia to utilize her room in the most fun and functional way (and it’s also easier to keep clean)!

Space is one of the most important things to consider when designing a room, that’s why our loft beds are a great fit for many families.



Safe and Supportive 

The best part? Mom can sleep soundly knowing Lydia's high loft bed is safe and supportive. The Twin Size High Loft Bed with Bookcase and Desk is crafted from solid New Zealand pine wood, making it extremely sturdy! This high loft bed has strong, plywood slats and a metal support bar to create a high, 400-pound resting weight capacity. If your child tosses and turns at night, no worries. Our high 14” guard rails are there to stay!



Lydia's new Max & Lily Furniture has given her the space to truly empower herself. Found something you like? Shop our Twin Size High Loft Bed with Bookcase and Desk and our other fun and functional furniture!


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