4 Reasons Why Our Latest High Loft Is the Ultimate Sleep & Study Solution

4 Reasons Why Our Latest High Loft Is the Ultimate Sleep & Study Solution

Our fan-favorite high loft is back and better than ever! The Twin-Size High Loft Bed with Wraparound Desk & Shelves creates a “command center” homework zone that’s ready for every study session that comes its way. With this many fun features, we’ve decided to break this equation down and share some of the best of the best of this ultimate back to school bed.





#1 - A Desk to Support All Your Study Needs

The large, continuous desk takes your study space to the max. With desk surfaces on three sides, this bed makes it easy to get all your homework done. There’s plenty of room to lay a lamp and other decorative accessories to personalize your space. When it’s time to relax, you can easily turn this under-bed space into the ultimate crafting and reading nook.





#2 - Storage Shelves for Organization That’s Easy to Reach

Organization has never been easier. Open-air storage shelves provide effortless access to all your favorite items and school supplies. Books, board games and toys all can be stored conveniently and stay within reach when it's time for a post-homework study break.





#3 - A Compact Design for Sleeping Up High

After studying is over and it’s time for bed, this loft’s tall design makes for a fun sleeping space up high. It’s easy to climb to the top bunk thanks to a grooved, anti-slip ladder. For parents, there’s no need to worry! With tall 14” guardrails, you can rest easy knowing there’s extra security up top. With the sleeping surface high off the floor, you’ll have even more space in your room to relax and play.





#4 - Ultra Safe for Peace of Mind

Like all Max & Lily® beds, our latest high loft bed comes with enhanced safety features to ensure everyone in the family has a stress-free night’s sleep. This bed's solid New Zealand pine wood construction supports 400 lbs. of resting weight. Non-toxic, low VOC finishes also contribute to healthier indoor air in your home. And with tall 14” guardrails and an under-bed slat roll and metal support bar included, this bed takes safety to a whole new height.





While there are so many cool new features included in the Twin-Size High Loft Bed with Wraparound Desk & Shelves, there are equally as many things that we’ve always stayed true to. Sustainable sourcing, solid wood construction, quality craftsmanship and incredibly fun and functional designs are at the heart of every bed and accessory we make at Max & Lily®. Whichever style you choose, with Max & Lily®, you’ll find the perfect solution for your kids room that will last for years to come!

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